Humidity due to condensation

How to eliminate humidity due to condensation?

If you have damp stains on walls and ceilings, here you will find the solution for your Basque Country home.

What is condensation humidity?  

When the moisture-laden air in your home comes into contact with the cold walls of the room, the water vapour cools down and condenses on the surface. This is the cause of black spots of mould and fungus appearing on ceilings and walls, mainly on the facade walls, which are the coldest as they are in direct contact with the outside.

Do you have doubts about the cause of the origin of the damp?

Don't worry, that's what we are here for. Our experienced technicians will evaluate the causes of the dampness and propose a solution with all the guarantees.

I want a DEFINITIVE solution  

The final solution is to improve the thermal insulation of the walls and ceilings. To do so we have 3 options.

  1. INJECTING INSULATION INTO THE AIR CHAMBER This is the most economical option as it allows us to carry out a fast execution WITHOUT WORKS and at the best price. It can be done from the outside or from inside the house. It consists of making small perforations through which we will pump or insufflate the material that will fill the hollow cavity.  There are materials that are injected (polyurethane foam) and others that are insufflated (cellulose, rock wool, EPS polystyrene balls, etc.).   Depending on each case, our technicians will advise you on the most suitable one.
  2. ISOLATE THE FACADE FROM THE OUTSIDE: In this case the intervention is more global and more expensive although the results are very good.  It consists of isolating the facade by means of a system of PROJECTED CORK, SATE or VENTILATED FACADE. In a simple way, it consists of installing an insulating panel on the external face of the façade and then covering it with a waterproof and decorative finish.
  3. DRYWALL OF LAMINATED PLASTER Finally we have the option of lining the walls with plasterboards including insulation panels. This system works very well but it has the disadvantage of subtracting living space from the house. On the other hand, we can obtain very interesting decorative finishes.

THERMAL INSULATION: A good investment

Investing in thermal insulation, besides being good for our health and comfort, is very interesting from an economic point of view. In the case of energy rehabilitation by means of air chamber filling, the return on investment is usually 2 to 5 years. The payback time depends on the climate zone, the type of facade, the material we use, the number of hours of heating and air conditioning. If you want to save on your gas and electricity bills, contact us and we will help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

injection PUR 1 isolation
injection PUR 2 isolation

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