Cellars, cider houses and cold stores

The challenge of flooring in the food industry

The industrial flooring in cider factories in the Basque Country must comply with several fundamental requirements. On the one hand, they must have high chemical resistance to solvents ,alcohols, fats, soaps and disinfectants . Their cleaning and maintenance must be simple using high pressure water.  Finally, their finish must be aesthetic and non-slip.

Industrial waterproof flooring

In cider houses, fish shops and cold stores, in addition to high resistance, we need waterproofing, as these places are usually permanently wet or flooded.

Flooring that complies with hygiene and safety measures

Finally, industrial flooring in Guipúzcoa must comply with the hygiene and safety requirements and regulations demanded by this type of industry. Do not hesitate to consult our technicians and we will try to answer you with the best option at the best price.

pavimento industrial parking suelo de sidrerías

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Trabajos realizados

A continuación os mostraremos algunos de nuestros proyectos de bodegas, sidrerías y cámaras frigoríficas.